Selected by Calumecs from Tokyo-
based collective “dosing”. Part

Selected by Calumecs from 「dosing」

I have divided my playlist into four sections of five songs each… Together we will explore four different themes of the Apocalypse in chronological order. The themes are titled: Warning Signs, The Fall, The Aftermath and Beyond The Grave. By doing this I hope you can experience the music in a new light and treat the playlist and the subsections within it as a soundtrack to a narrative.
I hope you can enjoy my playlist. Introducing my take on “The sounds of the apocalypse…”


Kaneda / Geinoh Yamashirogumi

For my first pick I thought I would start with a classic to set the mood of our story. The combination of traditional Japanese instrumentation with modern synths in this song both captivates and intrigues the listener to want to explore this new world. The world this song explores of course is Neo-Tokyo in Akira.

Knotweed / Suda

Much like Kaneda, Knotweed also uses an interesting fusion of old and new by combining traditional bell like sounds with modern 808 and synths. The ominous synths building tension near the end gives us the feeling that something is coming. Warning signs.

Reasons / Fifty Grand

I wanted to try include some vocal pieces into this playlist too and I think this song does a great job of bridging us into a more electronic world of music. The haunting yet soothing vocals of Fifty Grand are perfect for a prophet of the apocalypse!

My Veil / DJ Heroin

DJ Heroin is one of the most unique producers I’ve ever come across. His emotional melodies really cut deep and his music is often unpredictable which makes it much more enjoyable to listen too. My Veil leaves us with a feeling of sorrow as maybe we have already become aware of our impeding doom…

Drained / Grasps

I finish part one of the story of the apocalypse with Drained by Grasps, an Australian producer who I collaborated on a song and DJ’d together with when he came to Japan in 2017. He has an inspiring and unique approach to his sound design and song structure. The metallic sounds and raising tension in Drained give us the feeling of the last cry from humanity before the end of the world.

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dosing “dosing (short for Dreaming of Sleeping) are a Tokyo-based collective of artists and musicians designing dreamscapes with the insomniac in mind, drawing inspiration from the shackles of sleep deprivation. The innovators at dosing deliver a welcomed breath of life into the Tokyo underground nightlife scene by producing and promoting forward-thinking art/music and organizing events previously only conceivable in dreams.” Instagram|Twitter|Facebook|SoundCloud|Spotify Calumecs Profile Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Electric Candy Sand started by DJing and organising small club events at popular night venue Cassette Nine. He has supported world renowned acts such as XXYYXX, as well as performing at New Zealand’s largest New Year’s music festival, Rhythm and Vines. He was involved in the creation and organisation of an independent music festival called Chronophonium, which quickly generated a cult following. After moving to Osaka, Japan in 2013, he continued to perform around various locations in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo before relocating to Tokyo in 2014. He performed as a resident DJ for White Rabbit and played a supporting show for OWSLA’s ETNIK. In 2015, Electric Candy Sand began to produce his own blend of electronic music, merging together ideas from a wide range of genre’s, from hip hop to juke and other forms of bass music. After teaming up with HIRO THA JAP (Sex Cult Records) and Steffen ¥oshiki, the three of them went on to form dosing (dreaming of sleeping), an event planning and production company as well as a collective of musicians and artists, hosting regular events in Shibuya, Aoyama. Electric Candy Sand in concurrent with dosing is currently working towards a number of music releases and new event productions across Tokyo.



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